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COVID-19 Information 


This page sets out the Observation Wheel Limited company strategy for implementing new safety measures and managing our staff and visitors whilst during the current COVID-19 epidemic. The health and safety of people is our main priority and will NOT be compromised. We therefore need to adapt our way of working and managing our attractions to ensure that everyone working and visiting enjoys our attractions in safe environment.


If we are to continue successfully operating on sites across the UK, Observation Wheel Ltd will need to implement, follow and continually review the safety guidance published by Public Health England and The Showman’s Guild to ensure our sites are clean and safe to operate.  

We can also learn from and adopt some of the ‘best-practice’ methods trialled by other industries across the UK such as supermarkets the NHS.

If we plan ahead now and adapt our sites undertaking the measures proposed in this action plan, it will mean that we have safe environments for our staff and visitors and can continue to operate safely in line with the recommended guidance. Social distancing is hugely important as it effectively reduces further transmission of the virus.



The following measures will be adopted immediately and put in place on all existing and new attractions installed. This action plan will remain in place until further notice. The practical implementation of this advice will depend on the local circumstances. This may be best evaluated by the attraction manager, however a few general indicators may be relevant to the majority of sites.



  1. All Observation Wheel operating staff will follow the Sanitising Schedule and complete the Daily Cleaning Record


  1. We will encourage all customers to keep two metres apart by using signage around the attraction which will also ask customers not to enter if they have symptoms. All customers should also scan the NHS QR Track and Trace barcode when entering the attraction


  1. Staff will regulate entry and exit from the attractions so that it does not become overcrowded


  1. All of our attractions have two-metre markers on the floors and walkways to facilitate compliance with the social distancing advice of 2 metres - particularly in the most crowded areas, such as the queuing areas and ticket booth


  1. We will make regular PA announcements to remind customers to follow social distancing advice


  1. We have installed clear plexiglass screens at ticket/pay boxes in order to protect cashiers from unnecessary contact with customers


  1. We will encourage customers to pay with contactless, Apple Pay or Android Pay if at all possible, without disadvantaging older or vulnerable customers


  1. We provide additional pop-up handwashing stations around the site providing free hand sanitiser


  1. We have provided all staff with facemasks and gloves


      10. All gondola interiors and 'touch-points' will be sanitised regulary

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